Garmin Data Visualizer

The Garmin Data Visualizer is a project I created for my Specialization class in my final semester at SAIT Polytechnic. It utilizes the GPX and the CSV files downloaded from the Garmin Connect running website.

Feel free to experiment with the project with your own running data.

How to Use

  1. Log in to Garmin Connect
  2. On the left hand side, select the three horizontal bars icon
  3. Select Activities
  4. Under Activities will be a list of all of your activity logs recorded by your Garmin device. Select any Activity Name
  5. You will be redirected to the main page of your selected activity. In the top right hand corner, there is a gear icon. Select the gear icon
  6. A dropdown menu from the gear icon will appear. Select either Export to GPX or Export Splits to CSV
  7. Once the files have been downloaded, you can now upload the files to the Garmin Data Visualizer and see your data in a different, yet familiar way. Enjoy!

Select CSV Files

Select GPX Files